BMW  Wallet  Project !

Case Study

Services : CNC machining, Finishing services.
Part Material :PC, PU, Circuit board.
Quantity : 500 pcs.
Lead Time : 15 days

About The Product

BMW “Wallet” is used for ordering, its appearance draws on the traditional menu. Every millimetre of the BMW “Wallet” has been over-engineered for ergonomic efficiency and visual impact.
Tablets and wallet cleverly combined, inside we added custom plastic case ground, making the Tablet PC can also be charged in the wallet. Of course, the charging shelf is also custom, it can also charge more than one Tablet PC

How It Was Made

Prototype manufacturing

After receiving the drawings, we first started to do a prototype sent back to the customer, the customer based on the prototype changed the pattern on the leather.

Mass production

Then begin high-volume manufacturing plastic products, because a small number, all products are used CNC machining is a good choice.

Charger manufacturing

After exhaustive charger designers design, each charger 10 can accommodate flat charge.

Product finished

We have specialized assembly room to install all the parts together, test the product before packing shipments. We take every step seriously.

More production process

Every project is not easy to do, from proofing to mass production we are responsible for doing every step.

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