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Our project managers work with a range of product developers, product designers, entrepreneurs and engineers from all over the world to help them make high-quality parts and products.

Have a look at some examples of projects we have worked on and see how they were made.

BMW  Wallet  Project !

BMW “Wallet” is used for ordering, its appearance draws on the traditional menu. Every millimetre of the BMW “Wallet” has been over-engineered for ergonomic efficiency and visual impact.

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Supply razor case!

The Single Edge is a completely reimagined version of the vintage safety razor, rebuilt from the ground up and designed for everyone.

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Modular Water Filter

The Oasis is a versatile water filtration system that allows consumers to control how clean their water is based on contamination level and activity. The Oasis is not a one trick pony like most filters on the market, it is a system that can adapt for any situation.

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The parts were received as promised and the quality was great. I appreciate your prompt follow up and services. After our trade show we will be in touch.
Thank you very much!

Edward J. | Mechanical Engineer | AL

I just received my package. The parts are wonderful! Thank you for not only getting these parts to me in an unimaginable time frame, but at an excellent price. I will be back soon.Thank you again.

Dan D. | CEO | VT

My parts arrived yesterday and they are perfect. For a small company like ours it is great to have your super-duper service and quality at our disposal. And to top it all off, the price was right too!

Mike W. | President| WI

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