Case Study

Services : CNC machining,
Die casting, Finishing services.
Mold Material : P20 tool steel
Part Material :steel.
Quantity : 2000 pcs.
Lead Time : 30 days

About The Product

The Single Edge is a completely reimagined version of the vintage safety razor, rebuilt from the ground up and designed for everyone.

How It Was Made


After receiving the drawings, we first started a prototype to sent back to the customer, then he had changed the thickness of the razor head.

Mold manufacturing

Mold manufacturing about ten days. Since the material of the razor is metal, its mold needs a high temperature resistant material

Polished sandblasting

Polishing sandblasting belongs to the finishing services. The razor is not smooth enough after come out of the mold. And the product after grinding sandblasting more beautiful.


We have the the partner of packaging. Custom packaging of various materials, one-stop service to your products.

More manufacturing process

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